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Freestyle & Greco Olympic Wrestling Styles

Freestyle and Greco- Roman wrestling are the Olympic styles of wrestling. In the wrestling world many consider this time of year one of the most fun and exciting parts of the season. After state and national tournaments start to wind down, the Freestyle/ Greco season kicks off. There is a saying in wrestling that, "summer wrestlers make winter champions!" This season is great for wrestlers that want to commit and get to the next level! Many of skills developed from both of these styles transfer to success in folkstyle wrestling. With the Olympic games being the peak of our sport, that dream and journey begins with wrestlers going to local, state and national tournaments. Below are a few of the many benefits of wrestling Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling: 

-Wrestling is wrestling. Develop skills that transfer to folkstyle
-Learn how to score with precision and speed on the feet
-Learn how to wrestle and fight position with control ties and throws.
-Have fun and enjoy the wrestling journey!